Our Pride. Your Joy.

TuxGeo+ is a Geo Web platform that unlocks the value of your business data by analysing and enriching them with meaningful location related information.

It is a suite of services comprising of four main products:
TuxGeo+ Maps for Enterprise
TuxGeo+ Address
TuxGeo+ Vision
TuxGeo+ Transit

  • Accessible and Secure ⚊

    Users can retrieve, geocode, reverse geocode, and reassign data without altering its original content.

  • Centralised or Cloud ⚊

    Choose to store and manipulate your data from a data centre or the cloud.

  • Open and Convenient ⚊

    Have the ability to allow access to the platform for multiple levels of users and areas in your organisation.

Why the TuxGeo+ Platform?

Most organisations struggle with the analysis, storage, and distribution of their geographic data. TuxGeo+ provides you with the tools necessary to analyse, visualise, and manage your mission critical data over an enterprise map.

Similar to a geographical map, an enterprise map digitally pinpoints locations that are relevant to your business functions, processes, and application systems by tagging them to particular points of interest (POI).

Designed with a centralised data point, TuxGeo+ makes it a breeze for administrators, analysts, power users, and general users to create and share the maps, reports, and analysis you need.

  • Visualise and Comprehend —

    Easily make sense of your operations, competitors, and customers by laying them out on a map. Use it to generate thematics and extract useful information like demographic or client specific data.

  • Assess Your Stance —

    Being able to picture your market is invaluable for determining your performance in your current footprint and finding opportunities for expansion through growth or market segment.

  • The Whole Picture —

    Examine your operation and its value chain as reflected on a map. Discover its strengths and weaknesses for a view that’s greater than the sum of its parts.